ICES Annual Science Conference 2018

ICES conference 2018 was held from 24th to 27th of September at University of Hamburg, Germany with over 650 participants from 34 countries include MARmaED ESRs and supervisors.

MARmaED ESRs had 5 talks, presented 2 posters and hosted one session of the conference with the below titles from different sessions:

Title: The deadly midnight sun: visual predators and northern range limits in mesopelagic fish

Authors: Tom Langbehn, Øyvind Fiksen, Christian Jørgensen

Presentation type: Oral

Title: Sea‐ice loss boosts visual search: fish foraging and changing pelagic interactions in polar oceans

Authors: Tom Langbehn, Øystein Varpe

Presentation type: Oral

Title: Perfect is the enemy of good – when more accurate stock assessments are less valuable for management
Authors: Esther Schuch, Silke Gabbert, Andries Richter
Presentation type: Oral

Title: Teleconnection of cod stocks in the world market
Authors: Camilla Sguotti, Christian Möllmann, Andries Richter
Presentation type: Oral

Title: The ability of a surplus production model to capture density dependence in growth and mortality.

Authors: Rob van Gemert, Ken H. Andersen

Presentation type: Poster

From session I which was hosted by Camilla Sguotti et al:

Tipping points complex nature and implications to marine socioecological systems management (cosponsored by PICES)

Conveners: Xochitl Cormon (Germany), Camilla Sguotti (Germany), Christian Moellmann (Germany), Mary Hunsicker (USA)

Title: Detecting catastrophic transitions – the case of North Atlantic herring
Authors: Leonie Färber, Camilla Sguotti, Joël M. Durant, Øystein Langangen, Saskia Otto, Christian Möllmann
Presentation type: Oral

Title: When “good enough” is optimal: defining the safe operating space of a fishery on the brink of collapse
Authors: Leonie Färber, Cecilia Helmerson, Esther Schuch, Camilla Sguotti, Joël M. Durant, ChristianMöllmann, Andries Richter
Presentation type: Poster

The Best Presentation award went to Tom Langbehn from the University of Bergen for the presentation entitled “The deadly midnight sun: visual predators and northern range limits in mesopelagic fish” which was part of Theme Session A on mesopelagic ecosystems.

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