YOUMARES 8: Call for abstracts-Regime shifts and resilience in marine communities

Conference for young marine researchers

13 to 15 September 2017 in Kiel, Germany

The next YOUMARES conference will happen on September 13-15th 2017 in Kiel, Germany. This conference gathers young marine scientist (from bachelor to postdocs) from all Europe and from various fields (from social sciences, to biology, physics and/or chemistry).

Over the last decades many marine ecosystems and fish populations all over the world have undergone drastic changes, termed regime shifts, because of the additive effects of anthropogenic and natural stressors.

You are invited to present:

  •  Studies related to marine ecosystems structure and population dynamics (i.e. foodwebs, spatial distribution, regulating processes, top-down and/or bottom-up), as well as potential drivers of regime shifts.
  • Examples of shifts and resilience of ecosystems and studies comparing regimes across different scales (temporal or spatial).
  • Studies investigating impacts of regime shifts on ecosystem services and potential implications for management and stakeholders.

Abstracts have to be submitted before the 31st of May by sending it to Please see guidelines and more information here.

Camilla Sguotti and Xochitl Cormon from Ifremer and Hamburg university, will be hosting a session entitled "Ecosystems dynamics in a changing world: regime shifts and resilience in marine communities".

You may find more suitable session on the conference website.


Published Apr. 10, 2017 1:38 PM